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Hazelnut Grove residents working with Poor People's Campaign, Oregon will be gathering starting 12:30pm and presenting their online petition to officials at 1pm (see event guidelines, below).
Sign the petition (I think, you can still sign, it just won't be on the list presented at City Hall):

View press conference from Saturday Jan 23rd:

Background, from petition: 
"Hazelnut Grove, a self-governed tiny cabin village, has provided stable, long-term permanent and transitional housing for dozens of people for more than five years.

But residents of the Hazelnut Grove Village are being threatened with displacement by the city even as the pandemic ravages our community, the Center for Disease Control has encouraged all people to shelter in place, and Multnomah County has enacted and renewed an eviction moratorium.

Self-governed tiny cabin villages provide just one solution to the public health and housing crises. People who are currently sheltering in place in tent and tarp structures, personal pods managed by the city and social service agencies, traditional shelters, RVs and vehicles, and motels should also not be displaced until permanent solutions are provided."

Guidelines from Poor People's Campaign, Oregon: 

at City Hall - 1:00pm

We will gather at City Hall (1200-1220 SW 5th Ave) on Monday afternoon beginning at 12:30pm and begin the program promptly at 1:00pm.

Village residents are calling unhoused and housed eviction defenders together to hear the story of Hazelnut Grove, celebrate the grassroots organizing our community has engaged in during the past month, deliver our collective outrage to Mayor Wheeler and Commissioner Ryan, and demand a sit-down negotiation with the city.

If being in a setting with unhoused and housed people together is new for you, welcome. Please listen well, observe the culture of the Hazelnut Grove community, and follow the lead of Village residents.


  • The program is scheduled to last one hour with no plans to collectively move anywhere after the program is finished.

  • ASL interpretation will be available.

  • We will not enter the building.

  • The public restrooms one block east at Chapman Square Park are supposed to be open.


  • Please wear a mask and practice social distancing. If you have access, please double mask.

  • There will be people trained in de-escalation in the crowd. If you witness a situation you are not equipped to handle compassionately and safely without judgement, please immediately move away and make space for members of the de-escalation team.

  • Please do not speak to the press. Incorrect and incomplete information shared with press is harmful to Village residents. If you are approached by the press, please refer them to Barbie (resident, Josh (resident), or Peggy (neighbor).


  • If you would like to make a sign, Hazelnut Grove suggests you choose from any of the following slogans: Save Hazelnut Grove, Everybody's Got a Right to Live, Don't Evict Hazelnut Grove, Don't Destroy Their Homes, Villages are the Solution. Some supporters are cutting signs out of cardboard in the shape of a tiny house.

  • If you have access, please bring small water bottles and snacks in your bag to share with folks around you.

  • If you have extra disposable masks, please bring them to share with people who are without.

  • We are in need of a couple of photographers and videographers. If you are able to offer either, please let us know at oregon@....

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