today 3-5pm, join/testify at meting of A Home For Everyone, Coordinating Board

Tim McCormick

You are invited to join and possibly testify at today's every-other-month Wednesdays 3-5pm public meeting of the Coordinating Board of A Home For Everyone. This is the wider committee, advising the Executive Committee, of the homeless policy coordinating body for Multnomah County. (also known as the area's "Continuum of Care", designated by the Federal government in each area to oversee Federal funding). Basically, it steers much of the region's homelessness-related funding.

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Agenda. (with links to presentation materials, as they become available; partly there now).

Zoom meeting link.

I'd say of particular note is, item at about 3:30, "Next Steps: Supportive Housing Services Local Implementation."  This regards the Metro Supportive Housing Services tax measure passed last year, expected to raise $200-250M/year in homelessness funding; guided by, in each county, a 
required Local Implementation Plan (LIP). You can see the Nov 27 draft version of Multnomah County's LIP approved by Board on Dec 2, and there may be a new version out. The next step is it goes on January 25 for consideration at a  Metro Oversight Committee. 

This has had a lot of shaping already -- though in a relatively compressed time of about 3 months -- but in the big picture, this will be a large part of the region's homelessness-related funding for the next 10 years, and is sure to evolve. Like big legislative items and program generally, it's a BIG ship to try turning, but the sooner and closer one enages it, the better chance of effect. 

Testimony: they're taking 5, 2-min public comments at the start of meeting, and also by email to AHFE@....  I'm not sure how they give out those comment slots, or until when comments by email may be considered part of the record, but I encourage you to email them and/or join meeting at 3pm if interested. 


AGENDA - Jan 6, 2020, 3-pm - AHFE Coordinating Board Meeting

10 min - Welcome & Introductions

10 min - Open for Public Comment: Up to five people, two minute limit

per person.

10 min - Coordinating Board Meeting Schedule Marc Jolin Informational

20 min - Next Steps: Supportive Housing Services Local Implementation

Plan: Marc Jolin, Joshua Bates, Nui Bezaire

Informational, Discussion, Decision

15 min - Grounding Exercise: AHFE Strategic Planning - Joshua Bates

15 min - Point-in-Time Count Update - Marc Jolin

20 min - Year-End Data Report for Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 - Claudia Sharygin

10 min - City and County Budget Guidance - Adam Brown

10 min General Updates & Announcements

Tim McCormick
Moderator PDX Shelter Forum, Editor at HousingWiki,
Organizer at Village Collaborative
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