today 5pm watch S2HC hearing; help us write testimony letter by Dec 21

Tim McCormick

today at 5pm is the 2nd hearing for Shelter to Housing Continuum (S2HC) project, at Portland Planning & Sustainability Commission.

You're invited to watch, and also, add your comments & suggestions to our in-progress joint testimony letter at which we'll submit by Dec 21 5pm, from ShelterPDX coalition and cosigners. 

Event page:

(full hearing is 4-7pm, 5pm is when S2HC is scheduled). 

Watch via YouTube (live stream and recorded):

Deadline to register to testify was 5 p.m. on Dec. 14.

Shelter to Housing Continuum Project - testifiers signed up:

1 Tim McCormick

2 Sean Green

3 Suze Rodriguez

4 Alexis Stephens

5 Daniel Forbes

6 Susan Gemmell

7 Michael Ocallaghan

8 Jaime Langton

9 Willy Schumann

10 Jon-Paul Bowles

11 Taylor Ajani-Jamar

12 Sarah Iannarone

13 Jacob Antles

14 Heather Chatto

15 Paul Niedergang

16 Zari Santner

17 Tiffany Johnson

18 Heidi Hart

19 Donna Cohen

20 Kayleen Kusterer

21 Brandon Narramore

22 Nancy Donovan

23 Peter Fry

24 Brent Wilson

25 James Sjulin


Tim McCormick

Moderator, PDX Shelter Forum

HousingWiki, Village Collaborative

Tim McCormick
Editor at HousingWiki, Organizer at Village Collaborative
Portland, Oregon 

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