today 2pm, watch / support PDX council hearing on funding outdoor shelters & hygiene

Tim McCormick

today at 2pm is the continuation session for last week's important City Council hearing on Fall Supplemental Budget (aka "Fall bump"). Notes on this are below in A), plus see below B) a call from Street Roots to write to the city in support of hygiene stations, which many are complaining about.  

Until 2pm you can email testimony for the public record to: cctestimony@.... As far as alternative shelter & village issues go, my suggestion would be to write and say: 
   "a) I support the proposed $2.1M funding for outdoor shelter and hygiene response; and 
    b) I ask the city to publicly review and discuss how the current outdoor shelters and hygiene (porta-potties) have been implemented, and how these might be further developed, improved, and expanded as needs increase and  winter approaches. How can we develop and pilot wider and self-governed shelters/villages, particularly in anticipation of new rules under the Shelter to Housing Continuum project?"

The budget ordinance at issue is described here:
[and note that you can always see the current council meeting overview and materials at, bookmark that]. 

You can view the hearing at:  

Note, the BIG FOCUS of this hearing is Councilmembers Hardesty and Eudaly's amendment to shift $18M in funding from the Police Bureau to other uses. As far as I read it, this is mostly independent of the proposed outdoor shelter / hygiene funding, at least currently, which is described thus: 

"$2.1 million for COVID-19 related outdoor shelter costs and hygiene response [via Emergency Coordination Center ] for individuals who are unsheltered, funded out of a one-time draw on resources set aside for Portland Street Response that are not expected to be needed in FY 2020-21."


Street Roots tweets: 
"The city of Portland sited 103 portable toilets equipped with sinks — which has been met with an angry response that has overwhelmed staffers. One police officer reportedly condoned a sabotage effort with a toilet that neighbors have repeatedly stolen."

Kaia Sand (Street Roots executive director) adds: 
"Please take a moment to write 🖊 reportpdx@... you support these city portable toilets and sinks. Let’s give them a record of support to counter the overwhelming outrage and sabotage they are contending with. This is a smart and urgent public health response!🧡🚰."

Tim McCormick
Editor at HousingWiki, Organizer at Village Collaborative
Portland, Oregon 

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