please co-sign or send a letter on PDX's Shelter to Housing Continuum reforms today

Tim McCormick

Letter and easy co-sign form:

Bureau of Planning staff are still accepting today (they told us) emailed input on the crucial Shelter to Housing Continuum (S2HC) project, Discussion Draft. This project will set key rules for where/how shelters, villages, and Group Living (i.e. shared housing, SRO Single Room Occupancy) facilities can be sited in Portland.

We have written a community response letter, which you can co-sign or adapt, based on: public comments at Planning's three Info Sessions, an open workshop we organized Sunday Oct 25, and discussions in Shelter PDX / alternative shelters and villages coalition project. (see link from form to our open notes from all these sources).

Essentially we propose: 
  1. Don't exclude shelters from all residential areas. Shelter residents are residents. 
  2. Expand the allowed number of accommodations in an Outdoor Shelter / Village to what leading village providers suggest, and the time they're allowed to be there without an expensive and time-consuming "Conditional Use" permit process; 
  3. Allow a full range of dwelling types in Outdoor Shelters including housing such as tiny houses or modular homes. 
  4. Remove certain new proposed requirements such as per-floor kitchens in shared housing facilities; 
  5. Allow vehicle dwelling on private residential property, as is currently decriminalized;
  6. Develop a flexible, city-wide permit system to manage vehicle dwelling on the scale of need. 
This isn't the last chance or phase on this project. Next there will be a Planning & Sustainability Commission Hearing on S2HC scheduled for November 10, then a Proposed Draft presented by Planning staff to PSC in December or January. However, engaging sooner gives more possibility for influencing it, and we want to get issues on the table now for later discussion, also for possible consideration in later city reforms.

If you have any questions/comments please feel free to post here, or you can email me directly tmccormick@... and/or Sean Green green@..., and/or direct comments directly to S2HC Project Manager, Al Burns, A.Burns@..., which is where we'll be sending our letter updated with all new signatories.
thanks, Tim

Tim McCormick
Editor at HousingWiki, Organizer at Village Collaborative
Portland, Oregon 

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