Re: Mayor threatens to pull out of city-county Joint Office of Homeless Services unless shelter capacity expanded

John Elizalde

The JOHS doesn't like indoor shelter space because of cost, $10k/bed is the # they use.  And, the mayor touted 300 beds for this winter was his goal.  Where did that # come from?  Maybe it tested well with likely voter focus groups.  My concern about the spat is that it reconfirms the fact that the Joint office is not a player during the conflict.  The city agencies are not able to respond with any diligence to the housing emergency (the Street Response manager said she could have Street Response available city wide by 2/22 - huh? during a crisis we can't get a tested project in the field for 2 yrs from start up? Hell, pay CAHOOTs to send up a few teams and forget the PDX fire bureau).
The key is we can't depend on the city to do much to help those outside.  
John E

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