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Tim McCormick

an interesting 2016 overview of the Terminal 1 facility controversy, and profile of longtime local homelessness leader Ibrahim Mubarak, who was slated to be general manager of the facility: 
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"No shelter:  Homeless advocate Ibrahim Mubarak says social agencies turn backs on Terminal 1 homeless facility." by Thacher Schmid in NW Examiner, November 2016.

There's the debate about a unified, large facility approach -- which supporters tend to characterize as a 'campus', and opponents as leading to  'warehousing' or 'transcarceration' (Sara Rankin 2019) or 'seclusion' (Chris Herring 2014) of the unhoused. 

Also here, as this article focuses on, a conflict between a) established non-profit service/shelter providers, and b) private (ie business)-sector led initiative proposing a new approach. 

Mubarak blames the city’s decision on a tendency to stick with the status quo despite an urgent crisis that calls for fresh approaches. In blunt terms, he said, the city’s nonprofit sector is impeding progress. 
“We would have been getting that pot of money that they used to get, and they don’t want to share,” Mubarak said.
A former director of the Portland Development Commission, Don Mazziotti said the same thing in different language. “The proposal to establish a shelter facility managed by the private sector in partnership with the public sector proved to be a perceived threat to the stream of public funding that many of the providers in the nonprofit community rely upon for their operation,” said Mazziotti, now director of OHOH.

This article for me is a reminder that many debates in this area are quite recurring, and tend to get repeated without gaining much historical/comparative sense or advancing beyond quite broad-brush concepts. (e.g., permanent housing is the answer, housing is a human right, stop the sweeps, shelter for all). Not necessarily, though, as for example we might say that the Bybee Lakes Hope Center opening is a clear development from these Terminal 1 debates 4+ years ago. 

Thacher Schmidt
Don Mazziotti 

Tim McCormick
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On Wed, Sep 23, 2020 at 4:56 PM Tom Hickey <hickeyt@...> wrote:
“Requiring” smacks of internment camps. Patently unconstitutional. However, adequate alternative shelters in place, there is no longer a need to allow the current chaotic status quo to continue. 

Tom Hickey

On Sep 23, 2020, at 4:10 PM, Jan Radle Roberson <janr2@...> wrote:

The idea has some merit; the San Antonio has mixed reviews.   You would "require" a honmeless person who is camping to move to Term 2?    That will not happen and simply continues the oppressive, broken systems and care available to the unhoused community. 


On Sep 23, 2020, at 4:05 PM, Candee Wilson <candee@...> wrote:

Not my idea, but a damn good one, so I am sending to anyone who will listen.

David Mitchell
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Our city and county elected officials mouth the same shopworn phrases yet they accomplish little in dealing with homelessness. We have dozens of acres of vacant paved property at Terminal 2, owned by the city. We are the home office for Mercy Corps, a world leader in managing g refugee camps. If I were in charge of homelessness, I would take Terminal 2 and recreate what San Antonio did in providing a multifaceted homeless program that Homer Williams used as a model for Portland. I would require that every person in a tent camp on the streets move into a Terminal 2 facility which would include drug treatment or mental health resources or whatever is needed to address their needs. Allowing people to camp on city sidewalks is not only a gigantic health hazard, but it is also a huge black eye for tourism, for general civil livability, and mainstream sensibility. Allowing people to continue living on the streets is not compassionate. It is plain stupid public policy and needs to be called out as such.
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