Re: Alternative Shelter Presentation To City/County August 5th. BRAVO!!!!!!!!

Tim McCormick

thanks Will. 
The Maddie's Cart Micro Landings proposal you mention, is there a more recent shareable version than the one dated March 20 2019 posted at ? and if so, might you share it to the list, or to me? 

As I see it, collectively we want to build up a toolbox of documentation & research on various existing or proposed approaches. Including, updating/developing them based on new learning. Often there are elements common to many or all, such as what current codes/laws allow, and what might be possible under future reforms (e.g. Shelter to Housing Continuum Project, or Oregon #HB2001 implementation). 

[incidentally, both Village Collaborative and HousingWiki projects I work on do such collaborative researching/authoring, in a shareable way, so it is possible we could use or pool effort with them]. 

Some questions about the proposal:
1) Are you suggesting use of City right-of-way areas generally, or is it just the proposed pilot site is such? 
In any case, others such as Keith Jones (of Lloyd Community Association & PDX Green Loop) have recommended looking at public right-of-way as a good option, building on earlier practices such as food carts. So generally, do you or others see particularl advantages, possibilities, and difficulties with using City of Portland right-of-way, vs say other City land that isn't ROW. Is State i.e. ODOT land or right-of-way also a possibility? 

2) the proposed pilot site at 1988 SE 3rd Ave, Portland, OR 97214. Isn't this zoned for industrial use, like the parcel across the street inititially proposed for Right 2 Dream Too siting, which the Central Eastside Industrial Council successfully challenged at Land Use Board of Appeals as being non-allowed "community facility" use? Does your proposal employ a different planned zoning/land-use permitting? 

thanks, Tim. 

Tim McCormick
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#microlandings #MaddiesCart 

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I agree… BRAVO!!!! did a very good job on the slide presentation. I am keeping track of the work via Sean Green and his work with the NECN.  We (Maddie’s Cart) have a “managed camping” proposal we are reviewing with the City for 15-20 residents as Sean has probably reviewed with you. Waiting for more feedback from the Mayor’s office.


One small step at a time with the City!!!!



Will Denecke


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Outstanding work, Tim!!!  I am very impressed with this presentation and your ability to capture it, as well as your focus on building broader coalitions and making this plan a “win-win” for elected officials and people engaged in homeless services.  Thank you!



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as mentioned last week, we presented on Weds Aug 5 a "Community Proposal on Alternative Shelter & Villages" to Portland / Multnomah County's homelessness policy board, A Home For Everyone (to the Coordinating Board, 28-member board which advises the Executive Committee. ). 

The presentation is posted at AHFE Coordinating Board page under meetings, and at: Below are the first two of the 12 slides. 

It seemed to get a good response. Joint Office of Homeless Services director Marc Jolin discussed it with us, we had many follow-up questions from the AHFE board at the meeting, and in writing from MultCo Commissioner Meieran's and MultCo Co-chair Kafoury's office inviting further conversation. 

This presentation was pulled together on the day of the meeting, and was titled so just because it's how the AHFE's agenda had it -- so this certainly isn't the last word on plans or messaging. It gave us a helpful prompt to make a concise and clear published expression for one point in time, but your thoughts on where to go next and how we might present next time are welcome. 


<Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 3.20.25 PM.png>


<Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 3.21.36 PM.png>


Tim McCormick

Editor at HousingWiki, Organizer at Village Collaborative

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tomorrow afternoon, PDX Shelter Forum will be introduced probably around 4:15-4:45pm at the 3-5pm bi-monthly meeting of Multnomah County's homelessness policy advisory group, A Home For Everyone (Coordinating Board). (this is a 28-member Board representing various community constituencies; there is also a 9-member Executive Committee drawn from top area elected officials).

<Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 8.03.33 PM.png>

Meeting agenda - see "Community proposal regarding hygiene services and alternative shelter." During this 30-minute slot, which will be about 4:20-4:50pm if the meeting runs according to agenda, PDX Shelter Forum will be discussed as part of a joint presentation by Interfaith Alliance and Bridgeton / Downtown Neighborhood Associations.


Password: AHFE0820.  (note: presenters need and should have received a different link and password). If you haven't used Webex before or recently, you will need to install Webex helper software on your phone or computer to join the meeting. See instructions at meeting link above and we suggest allowing at least 10 minutes before meeting to get set up. 


I and others from Interfaith Alliance and partner orgs should be there in the Chat channel during the meeting, look out for us and say hello. You can also ask questions of other presenters or AHFE Board or Committee members in the chat channel, they may see it or get the question via a moderator.



Tim McCormick

Editor at HousingWiki, Organizer at Village Collaborative

Portland, Oregon / @tmccormick

p.s. we now have a pilot Twitter account, check it out at: @PDXshelterforum







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