Re: Portland leases 3 more hotels to shift Covid-19 most-vulnerable from shelters or shared housing

Tim McCormick

I’m looking forward to building the next village and the next.  Construction financing is lined up.

You may be thinking of this already, but I'd suggest as a way of bringing different strands together here, we collectively explore how dwellings (etc) from Cascadia Clusters might be combined with siting possibilities with: 
  1. the emerging Portland Shelter to Housing Continuum Program (S2HC) and possibly 
  2. Oregon new emergency shelter bill HB4001
  3. C3PO camps relocation.  
A village approach might be developed that both aligns with S2HC as currently proposed, and informs the final form of it as the code is tested against a working prototype(s). This/these villages could be developed now or soon, as opposed to waiting for S2HC coming into effect, which is likely March 2021 or later. 

Some approaches using S2HC or related reforms that occur to me are: 
  1. mobile dwellings & facilities that could plausibly be relocated every six months, thus doable with S2HC's proposed low-barrier permitting for 6-month-duration "outdoor shelters".  

  2. mobile dwellings that could move to siting as vehicle dwellings on private residential properties, as currently decriminalized in Portland and advocated for legalization either under S2HC by advocates including me, Planning Commission chair Eli Spevak, and local ADU expert Kol Peterson. This could also be done by amending city Accessory Dwelling Units regulations to allow mobile units, as has been done e.g. by the cities of Los Angeles, San Jose, Fresno etc. 

  3. mobile dwellings that could be sited now or later on church/community-based organizations properties

  4. mobile dwellings that could be (re-)sited as building-code compliant, on-foundation Accessory Dwelling Units. This might be done by using an anchor-to-foundation approach whereby unit could be attached, possibly also later detached. It's possible the mobile unit might need to be modified, combined with another, etc. for this to work, from code or viability perspectives. However if units were designed with this path in mind, it might be quite possible.  [this is the model proposed in a Portland initiative called New Starter Homes which I've worked on]. 
Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 9.47.57 AM.png

C3PO camps: (Old Town one shown above): these are in urgent need of an exit/transition plan, because word is that both Joint Office of Homelessness Services and current lead service provider JOINpdx are looking to end their roles soon, even before the Covid-19 Emergency Declaration ends. What if we here developed some proposal scenarios for the next phase of these communities, looking at components such as Cascadia Clusters, SH2C, Right 2 Dream Too governance approach, etc? 

Tim McCormick
Editor at HousingWiki, Organizer at Village Collaborative
Portland, Oregon 

On Fri, Jul 31, 2020 at 1:31 PM Andrew Olshin <andrew.olshin@...> wrote:
I’m looking forward to building the next village and the next.  Construction financing is lined up.  Cascadia Clusters will be ready to hire more houseless construction trainees soon. 

Andy Olshin

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It just seems a travesty that the planning doc you attached -- that the city has a timeline of March 2021 which just seems like too late to wrap up their thinking, but we have to live with it, in addressing alternative housing models.    As you note below, it's too bad that an article didn't appear touting the planning doc you cited and the forum.  Is it time for some folks to visit JoAnn Hardesty or has that already been done?  We need an "angel" someplace on the city council that we can collaborate with in advancing/pushing the city forward faster on alternative ways to house those in need.  Or, maybe you all have been working on this and I'm just "out of the loop."  My primary community organizing experience has been as the Alliance's rep. to Living Cully's community housing action team under the guidance of Cameron Herrington.  Eudaly's staff have been extremely helpful in working together with Living Cully's forward work.  How about a letter to the editor for the Oregonian or is this not a propitious time to do that?  
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