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Trena Sutton

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I seen that before and it is a generic posting but I do agree that they should reword it. I believe they are trying to encourage the people to keep the site clean. I’ve been doing this for many, many years and I have seen the slobs hurt the rest of the people who are just trying to survive. I’ve seen garbage piled up right outside of Tan I seen that before and it is a generic posting but I do agree that they should reword it. I believe they are trying to encourage the people to keep the sites clean. I’ve been doing this for many, many years and I have seen the slobs hurt the rest of the people who are just trying to survive. I’ve seen garbage piled up right outside of tents  with cockroaches and even a rat or two crawling on top of the massive piles. It was other campers who first complain to me many years back and we destroyed the red garbage bags for everyone. Most of the campers put their garbage in the bags and sealed them but the slobs  piled garbage right on top of them which was nothing but laziness and a responsibility. 

 I’m not a big fan of the city but like a couple of their city commissioners. They just have to stay ahead of the garbage but they do need to revamp they are notice. You cried wolf too much and they stop believing you. They need to make it clear that this is a garbage and Bio Hazard clean up only  and the campers themselves should be self policing because they hurt everyone if they do not force all campers to be responsible with their garbage. There should be a no brainer for the campers but unless they have their own council And in force this they are all going to eventually be moved out. They haven’t been enforcing the tent limit since this virus hit but no one to should that for granted and  Believe that’s a get out of jail free card. You would think that the people that live in the  Housed community  would be the biggest  Bitchers but It’s actually the campers who are just trying to survive your good stewards of the land.

On Mon, Jul 27, 2020 at 10:54 AM Sean Green <green@...> wrote:
Trena - Thank you for the information. If the noticed action is only to remove garbage, it seems we need to do a better job informing those people who are living in these areas. The notice says: 

This campsite has been determined to be a public health and safety hazard by the City of Portland and will be posted for personal property removal unless the following criteria are met:
3. Limit campsites to fewer than 8 structures. 

The person in the video was under the impression they were going to be forced to relocate and it appears they had experienced that process before. I was under the impression that sites with more than 8 tents/structures would be broken up as well. For someone who has experienced being forced to relocate before, and who sees a notice with similar language, how is one supposed to know if they will be forced to relocate or if someone is just going to come by to clean up garbage? There is trauma associated with living in fear that you may be forced to move at any time, with little notice. Moving is stressful for everyone, but especially when you have no place to go. 

On Mon, Jul 27, 2020 at 10:01 AM Trena Sutton <thegirlsok@...> wrote:

 As much as I adore Sarah she has been misinformed. This is not a sweep it is cleaning up of garbage only. I went right to the source and found out this is not accurate. 

 All I ask is that people be fair and their judgment.  Without facts you cannot come to a logical conclusion about any person or any action. Several years ago I  got into the face of the owner of rapid response.  I found out back some of the campers on the Springwater we’re not accurate  and what they were saying to me and other advocates, not accurate at all. This is a cleanup and I suggested to the advocates that they talk to the people and have their garbage deposited in one dedicated area away from the tents and off of common areas that people may walk in. This is a safety  issue for both the people utilizing the area  which includes the campers. 

 I know Lance ( Who owns Rapid Response).  I’ve had he and his wife in my home for dinner. He has done a great deal for the homeless but he’s humble and has not taken credit for this.  When I’m told by UGM’s Search and Rescue  that they are running low on supplies they contact me and I contact Lance and he always provides them and much more. He may be disenchanted that I am posting this but I believe in Fair play.  That’s just one of the kindnesses he has done for the disenfranchised. It’s absolutely appropriate to have concerns but I would ask people to also be certain of their facts.  City Hall makes the decision to sweep or just remove the garbage and today it’s just to remove garbage and biohazards if indicated. 

God Bless All,


On Sun, Jul 26, 2020 at 10:51 PM Tim McCormick <tmccormick@...> wrote:
Sarah Iannarone wrote about this on Twitter this evening, see thread, copied below with my comments on thread also: 

sarah iannarone (she/her) @sarahforpdx - 7:20 PM · Jul 26, 2020

non-#portlandprotest call to action thread

On top of COVID-19 and a triple-digit heatwave, incumbent Mayor Ted Wheeler has decided this is the week to evict an encampment of unhoused Portlanders in St. Johns, dismantling and displacing a community of 75 or so residents.

"For several years, Portland City Hall policy would be to uproot this camp as soon as it grew beyond a few people and scatter its residents to other places. But the city suspended such sweeps the first week of March, because of the COVID-19 pandemic."

Today, we're in a similar position as 4 mos ago when Gov Brown issued the first stay-at-home order, but
@rachelamonahan reports City Hall's resuming sweeps saying they're "necessary for public health."

Gah! It's housing that's necessary for public health.

The community is asking for help. They filmed this message to and . Not only should they NOT be swept this week, they need immediate help. #SleepNotSweeps #NoDisplacementWithoutReplacement

Their specific ask: MONDAY 7/27/2020, Noon-2PM
Cup with straw
Deliver COVID supplies (masks, sanitizer), heat-stable food, and WATER WATER WATER.
Volunteer to help bag up refuse, and generally tidy up in support of this community.
Squared sos
Help wherever you can.

Please boost in St. Johns especially, post on FB or your other networks:
@ambrown @Reed_PDX @_RitaMoore @PaulRippey@mrlloydeo @ToolsyFielder @josambo @hrippey @TrevorSamRob @MimiGPDX @llake13 @Gus_Kroll @ThornCoyle @pdxlawgrrrl @StreetRoots @colemerkel @mkaiasand @JulesBoykoff

Replying to @sarahforpdx
it's clear the city/county does not, as for years, see a credible threat or alternative to sweeps & just moving people along. What might be?
a) is it plausible to human-wall off posted camp in time to block sweepers, so they delay it or have to force/arrest people?

Protest wall, or just completely solid wall of people merely enjoying the park/trailway?
Could targeted unhoused settlements be defended as extension sites of #PortlandProtest? What tracking / advance notice of sweepers might be achieved?  2/n

At sweep, how large a media spectacle could be created? could every affected person be followed up with to see what shelter is offered, taken? & how any on-site shelter, belongings, get handled? Also, can it be named to help it be defended, eg #PeninsulaVillage #PCTvillage? 3/n

Legal: how might " public safety" rationale be challenged, eg by ensuring good practices at camps? 2nd, recent  #BlakevGrantsPass ruling may help build case vs PDX structures ban, the other key sweeps basis. Design/find a test case? 4/n

That's threat side; at same time, how are plausible alternatives built, eg citywide, scale-of-need, rights-assured, self-determining villages? Many are working on this, at  @pdxshelterforum we're trying to make it & Qs above an open, collaborative effort+coalition; u r invited 5/5

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On Sun, Jul 26, 2020 at 9:22 PM Sean Green <green@...> wrote:
I think it is important to hear from folks with lived experience. The response to impending COVID cleanups/sweeps from this member of our community is powerful. This person echos many of the sentiments I have heard from other folks who are just looking for a place to live where they won’t be forced to leave.

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