ACTION for unsheltered: by Tues 4pm, write or sign up to testify at City Council Weds re $128M funding

Tim McCormick

A significant decision point and precedent-setting will occur Weds 9:30am-12pm, with a City Council 2nd hearing and vote: to "accept and appropriate $128M in [Federal CARES Act funds] and delegate authority to the Program Bureau Directors to execute contracts."

In the proposed plan, $19M is slated to go to the Joint Office of Homeless Services (city/county joint agency), without a clear plan for how they will spend it. We share the urgent concern of Commissionar JoAnn Hardesty who has announced her opposition to the plan:
"We continue to spend all of our resources on people who already have some kind of temporary shelter, and almost none on people who [do] not.”

We need to get people testifying and writing in steadily, to push City/County to fairly consider and expand cost-effective, empowering, alternative shelter and village options which the community widely supports. We need new villages soon, as existing C3PO camp permits end, and a mass eviction crisis looms. 

1) Send written testimony:  Email the Council Clerk at cctestimony@.... Say who you are, where you live, how you're involved, and briefly & specifically what you urge.

2) Sign up to testify and get meeting link:

Specify agenda item 596 as what you're testifying on, this will you called at the right time, which will be sometime after 9:30am Weds. 


a) last week's 1st hearing on it:
b) the agenda item (No. 596):

onward and upward (from street and houselessness)..

Tim McCormick
Editor at HousingWiki, Organizer at Village Collaborative
Portland, Oregon 

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