overview of local homelessness programs, from Portland / Multnomah County

Godfrey Merrill

this group has many ideas about alternative and proposed responses to homelessness in Portland.  What is the City / Multnomah County doing about it now, though, that these ideas might be alternative to?

To help give us a baseline, here's a fairly up-to-date, though possibly draft form, 17-slide presentation on that point, which was given at a June 16 online meeting of North Portland group of Neighborhood Associations. 
https://drive.google.com/file/d/192uqCcSssD_--Wsxneo0BzmszirT-jaD/view?usp=sharing. PDF 4.5MB. 

The presentation focuses on shelter and assistance operations, though I think the actual agencies do much in and focus much on rent assistance in part intended to prevent homelessness, not really mentioned here. One of the presenters, Denis Theriault, argued during the event discussion that this preventative activity was better than building more shelter. 

kind of a summary slide: 
Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 12.50.40 PM.png

The listed authors/presenters are:
  • Denis Theriault, Joint Office of Homeless Services - PR guy for JOHS. 
  • Seraphie Allen, Office of Mayor Wheeler - homelessness policy lead for Ted? such as there is.
  • Zach Kearl, Office of Mayor Wheeler - intern, or 'Fellow'. 
I have rescued the presentation from it's original Powerpoint doc form, into PDF, to make it usable by us reg'lur folk working in a 21st-century manner, vs the unfortunate Microsoft Office corporate/govt users out there stuck in the 1990s who might actually have Microsoft Powerpoint installed somewhere to open that.

For those of still learning the landscape, which is all of us since it's ever-changing and infinite in detail:
  1. Joint Office of Homeless Services (JOHS) is a joint agency of the City of Portland and Multnomah County, which oversees much of the funding and programs in this area.

  2. JOHS in turn is a key part of a larger govt/provider coalition for the area which is call A Home For Everyone (AHFE), which in Federal jargon, is the "Continuum of Care" org for this area, i.e. designated administrator of Federal homelessness funding. The head of JOHS is Marc Jolin. 

  3. AFHE is sort of the presumed, at least self-presumed, lead administrator for Multnomah County's part of the recently passed Metro Measure 26-210, Supportive Housing Services tax measure. This is planned to generate as much as $250M/year for at least ten years, renewable. 
So, though we don't live or build by bread alone, basically that's where much of the money is now, and the people deciding where it goes. 

in the struggle, 

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