"Community First" proposal: citywide safe sites, but no other camping

Godfrey Merrill

several people have mentioned here the "Community First" strategy proposal that some Neighborhood Associations have been developing. Here's the latest version I've seen, titled "NA HOMELESSNESS STRAT DR 7 7 20": https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NTFe_WPsrW5OHrGd14Ek673UmEj5sWdmuTT8yAtwbOA/edit?usp=sharing.

I think it's interesting, and commendably aiming at a full-scale answer. 

As I comment in the doc, I wonder: 
   a) how to organize the mapping of possible sites, especially available public land. (this seems to be a recurring question/project); and 

   b) the premise of truly excluding camping outside of the authorized sites, how likely/possible is it for the city to do, and what might it achieve politically? Would it actually bring in majority support, and might it repel those people/groups with a current position opposing all 'sweeps'? 


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