OT: Creative Space Available

Jena Viemeister

Hello Portland Acting Community,

We are undoubtedly going through a transformation world wide with the pandemic changing the way we connect and create art, and the BLM finally waking our society up to racial inequality in this world. It feels a bit odd to self promote at this time; however, I wanted to reach out because I am in need of a couple people to share my creative space, Studio 102. The space is located on SE 12th and Division St next to the Double Dragon Bar/Restaurant. 

My vision for Studio 102 is that it will be a hub for teachers and creators. I’d like the space to be used to teach workshops, private lessons, and act as a recording studio for YouTube instructional videos, sharing music, monologues...really anything you can think of. It’s also a great space for auditions, as there is a large communal waiting/meeting area outside the studio. When social distancing isn’t necessary, the space can fit 20ppl max for a small recital or event. Currently, if you wanted to teach a small non-singing class, the space can comfortably fit 4 students with social distancing. 

The studio comes equipped with an upright piano, ukulele, two soft box lights that can be shared, lapel mics, mirrors, music books, and sound proofing for our neighbors. Monthly renters would also have access to a kitchen, communal shower, and mailbox.

I’m a voice teacher, so I’ve measured out more than 16ft that can be maintained between me and my students at all times and have created clear face shields. (If you haven’t read the NATS and ACDA panel discussion on singing and COVID, I’d recommend it! Singing can spread the pathogens up to 16ft.) 

Let me know if you are interested in sharing space! Rent is flexible based on individual need and schedule.

Be Well, 
Jena Viemeister 
971-258-2879 (text/call)