NO PAY: Seeking 5-minute plays for possible publication


SEEKING 5-MINUTE COMEDIC PLAYS dealing with Quarantine and COVID-19 for possible publication with Smith & Kraus, Inc.
This anthology is being submitted on spec, which is why there will be no compensation. 
However, if Smith & Kraus approve it for publication, you will probably be given a copy of the book and bragging rights to being in a Smith & Kraus publication. We didn’t go into this business to get rich, did we? 
Here are the submission guidelines:
Only comedies or upbeat pieces will be considered.
No monologues.
Plays should have 2-4 characters. No more than 4.
Plays should be 3-5 pages long (not including title page, character descriptions, etc.)
Please submit plays in standard playwrighting format.
Please submit your play in Microsoft Word doc only.
Please be sure to include your contact info with your submission.
Please submit a 50-100 word bio with your submission. You can put this in the body of your email. 
Keep in mind these plays should be written specifically about the Quarantine and Covid-19 in a funny or upbeat manner. The plays should be written to specifically be performed for a virtual audience on a ZOOM (or something similar) platform. 
Submit your Microsoft Word document to:
Please feel free to contact me with questions.