MACBETH Auditions at Zoom Theatre

Patrick Nims

Zoom Theatre is now accepting auditions for Shakespeare’s MACBETH through Sunday, June 28.  Audition details and instructions are at
— General Information
* All parts are currently open and all parts are open to non-traditional casting.
* All actors except those playing Macbeth and Lady Macbeth will be cast in multiple roles.
* All actors must be at least 18 years of age.
* Non-Union, non-paying gig. Audience donations will be shared with company members after the production closes.
* All rehearsals and performances will be done on-line for cast, crew and audience.
* Cast member physical location / time zone is not restricted as long as cast members can make all rehearsal and performance times (see below).
— Dates
All times are Pacific Time (PT)
* Auditions will be accepted until 11:59pm June 28 PT.
* Call Backs by appointment on Thursday, July 2 from 2pm to 10pm PT. You will not be required for the entire call back time.
* Rehearsals - July 19 to August 19, five days a week, four hours per day.
* Rehearsal days and times will be set at the convenience of the cast and production team but will be limited to times between 2pm and 10pm (week days) and 10am to 10pm (weekends) PT.
* Tech weekend - August 15 and August 16 from 10am to 10pm PT (10 of 12 with meal breaks).
* Dress Rehearsals - August 17, 18, 19 from 6pm to 10pm PT.
* Performances - August 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, & 29 at 6pm PT and on August 23 and 30 at 12pm PT.
— Additional Requirements
Each cast member must have / provide:
* A computer (Mac or Windows OS) with multi-core processor (Intel i5 or better) and 4gb RAM (or better), webcam and microphone.
* A reliable internet connection with at least 3mbs upload and 10mbs download.
* A minimum 12'x10' space in which to rehearse and perform.
* Permission for Zoom Theatre techs to remotely access and operate your computer during rehearsal and performance.
* Some level of self-costuming will be required (TBD, MACBETH will be modern dress).
* Other equipment (green screens, ring lights, external mics, external webcams, props) will be provided by Zoom Theatre as needed. Actors must agree to box and ship Zoom provided equipment back to Zoom upon strike (Zoom will cover cost of shipping).
~ Pat