Feature Film Casting: Seeking Stage Actors.No Pay. (this could change)

Hester Schell

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PROJECT:  THE VANE by Padraic O’Meara and Ryland Walker Knight

GENRE:  Psychological Thriller

PRODUCER: Padraic O’Meara, Ryland Walker Knight, Hester Schell, Mike Lay

DIRECTOR: Padraic O’Meara

CASTING: Hester Schell           

DESCRIPTION: Exclusively Made in Oregon. Shooting in Portland Metro Area. Locals only. Non-Union, Low/No Budget Indie for streaming platforms, festivals. Set on a farm in rural in Oregon, a freak accident turns into a murder/hostage situation, triggering accusations and assumptions based in fear. The Vane will be shot with continuous long takes, requiring blocking rehearsals.

LOGLINE: When a farm’s beloved patriarch George dies in a freak accident that looks like murder, everyone on the farm becomes a suspect in each other’s eyes over the course of one tragic day.  

FORMAT: Digital Video, anamorphic

SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Please carefully review the cast breakdown below.

Email headshots, resumes and links to demo footage to vane.casting@...  

                  Please put ROLE/(YOUR NAME) into the Subject Line of your EMAIL.

Performers selected will be sent sides and notified to send a video submission. Once “under consideration” you’ll be scheduled for a reading. We seek serious and committed performers with theatre experience. This entire project is a labor of love. Leave all other expectations at the curb. This is an experienced crew going for something extraordinary. If this sounds like you can sign on for no money up front with the possibility of low day rates down the road as this develops, by all means… WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.

SHOOT DATES: Rehearsals for principal roles  late October to Late November on a flexible schedule.

Production dates: Late Nov.- Early Dec. 7 days, which may include Thanksgiving weekend.

Only apply if available for a sequence of days.

PERKS/PAY: No pay. Non-Union at this time. Copy, Credit, Meals in production. Potential low budget day rates. CoVid Safe work environment. All necessary precautions will be taken.  ========================================

The Vane will be shot with continuous long takes, requiring blocking rehearsals.   

9 Principal characters, Ensemble cast. 2 day players. 


LOUISE Principal Role. White woman, age 28-32yrs old. Beautiful, takes care of herself.

She is a strong woman, believes in the equality of woman and all people. She has modern ideas of how we should be as a society. She is visiting the farm with her boyfriend Amir an Iranian born American. She loves her uncle George, he is the only family she has left after her parents died when she was young. She is successful and entitled from years living in the city.


AMIR Principal Role. Iranian-American man, age 30-35 yrs old. Good looking, fit, cares about his appearance and style. His family moved to the US when he was 5, he grew up poor and as an immigrant outsider. But made good in school, and has done very well for himself in the tech startup world. He’s very intelligent, and won’t take shit from anybody. He wants to make a good impression on George at the farm as he intends to marry Louise, but at the same time he doesn’t want to accept any sort of discrimination against him. He’s fought hard to be where he is in society.     


PETER Principal Role. White Man, Age 50’s. Strong, stern looking. Military physique.

He is Lorraine’s brother. He is a retired military veteran from the Desert Storm war. He holds conservative views on politics and race. He is somewhat down on his luck and so lives on his sisters farm and runs hunting trips to make money.


ALEX Principal Role. White Man, late 30’s Good looking in a goofy way. Brett’s brother - He lives with his parents in Florida, he is artist, but hasn’t had any financial success, still mooching off the family.


BRETT Principal Role, White Man, Early 40’s Straight-laced 

Alex’s brother - He is a successful hedge fund manager in New York, he has a wife and a young child. He does everything he’s told and has made a good life for himself following the rules.


LORRAINE Principal Role. White Woman Age 60’s. Married to George. Beautiful, Well put together, motherly. She never had any children of her own, she couldn’t. She loves George and has been a great support to him throughout her life which she has also dedicated to their farm. All she has in the world is her farm, sometimes she regrets having built nothing but this land, but is also grateful and tied to it.


GEORGE Principal Role. Married to Lorraine. White Man Age 60’s. Handsome, Rugged, Strong, Fatherly. He owns the farm, which he used to share with his brother (Louise’s father), before his untimely death. He has always felt the the farm should belong equally to Louise. He is a generous man and although he has old school morals, he is open to learning and changing.


ARTURO Principal Role. Resident farm hand. Mexican Man, Late 50’s/Early 60’s Stocky, strong, weather-beaten. Izzy’s father - He’s lived and worked in the US for most of his life, and has been on the farm for the last 30 years working with George, they are good friends from many years working together. He really understands horses and animals better than people.


IZZY Principal Role. Mexican Woman, Mid 20’s Gorgeous, intense. Arturo’s daughter. Grew up on the farm. She lives and studies in California in the city, she attends Cal Poly - studying Architecture. George pays for he schooling. She wants to do her family proud, but also has a millennial superficiality.


SHERIFF HARRY Day player. Local Sheriff for the district, knows everyone in town, good friends with George. Middle Aged.


DEPUTY JACKSON Day player. Young deputy, 20’s still getting the hang of things.


Thank you for your interest in this project.

Hester Schell, MFA, SAG, 

Casting Director, The Vane

Screenwriter, Director/Producer, Author
IMDB, LinkedIn, FB

Author, CASTING REVEALED: A Guide for Film Directors. Routledge Press, 2016. 2nd Edition