Monday Night Acting Lab - NEXT Cycle now enrolling!

Jeffrey Puukka

Hello everyone,

The next cycle of The Monday Night Acting Lab is now open for enrollment.  The next cycle runs 9th November through 7th December, 7:30p-9:30p.  

More than being a ‘class’ where the learning objectives are decided for you, The Monday Night Acting Lab is about training. The Lab is an environment in which to practice and improve at work actors do. You decide your own learning objectives. This is an opportunity for scene study, audition preparation, a forum in which to discuss acting-oriented questions, a place to be challenged by cold reading drills, open scenes or impro exercises, and a community in which to prepare and present monologues for coaching from me, and feedback from the group.

Increasingly, auditions are being carried out online. I have also observed numerous theatre companies programming performance projects via remote/streaming media. Use this resource to stay sharp. Participate to play, give and receive support, and grow.  

*Booking and payment: It is very important to me that The Monday Night Acting Lab be highly accessible; I am offering this online forum for $50 (that’s figured on just $10/Monday).  Please book at my website, at

Thank you so much, stay happy and healthy.