Workshop Presentation: Disappearance of Rosie Garcia's Family

New Play Project

The New Play Project Presents 

The New Play Project is excited to present the workshop presentation of Peter Preciado's "The Disappearance of Rosie Garcia's Family"!

Rosie Garcia is a typical Mexican American teenager, normal American dreams and lifestyle and a pull to her Mexican roots. She is planning to graduate soon and go to university next fall. One day she comes home and her mother, the sole parent in their home just never came home from work. Then her little brother is taken by family services and her older brother gets in trouble with the law. As her world is crumbling around her, Rosie has to save her family and grow up all at once.

WHEN: Friday, October 16th @7pm

WHERE: Zoom! 

TICKETS: Claim your free ticket on our eventbrite page:

Trigger Warning: racist language between family members

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