SECOND CHANCES: Zoom Play Reading and Request for Responses to Brief Survey #actors #speakers

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Zoom Play Reading and Request for Responses to Brief Survey



A Play by Women for Women (and Men who Like to Listen in on What Women Talk About)


PROJECT:  Second Chances  by Laura Handke and Jennifer Solberg


GENRE:  Drama with some Comedy


DESCRIPTION: Two women, from very different backgrounds, perspectives and life paths, can come together in a common language and a common love. In this short, two women play, themes are (1) Life presents a dilemma pertaining to what is ideal versus what is reality. (2) The importance of finding a balance between the two when making choices. (3) The deep value of trusted friends to help us negotiate these choices. (Thanks, Joe Silva.)




JOELLE White woman, age 48. Raised by an abusive grandmother in a conservative, Bible-thumping church. After befriending Larae for one wild year in college, she is now a wife and the mother of four children ranging in age from 15-27. She’s aged gracefully, doesn’t look much different than she did in college, and is a talented artist who meant to major in art studies and teaching. Until she fell madly in love the end of freshman year, got married the following September, left college, and moved away with her husband.


LARAE White woman, age 49, suffering from menopause and hot flashes. Became entrenched in the corporate world of workers’ compensation insurance after graduating from college, and is delighted to reconnect with her college friend. She’s a hard worker, heavy drinker, and has been divorced three times. Successful outside, but questioning her life inside.   


STAGE DIRECTION READER Man of any age, race, etc., with good vocal technique to narrate what we can’t see happening on stage in the days of Zoom Theatre.


IF YOU’RE INTERESTED, send an email to laurahanj@... with SECOND CHANCES/(Your Name) in the subject line and note if you’re available Tuesday, Oct. 20th 6-7 pm and/or Wednesday Oct. 21st 6-7 pm.


NOTES: My writing partner and I are first-time playwrights and received wonderful feedback from the first live reading with talented actresses and one talented actor. This will be our second reading and we’re looking for actresses in the age ranges of Joelle and Larae for possible casting if we decide to produce this show on Zoom ourselves, or take it to a COVID-friendly theatre. We are all volunteering; no money is exchanging hands. Lots of gratitude is, though! Those of you who read will be sent the entire short 21-page script ahead of time, and a short survey (no more than eight questions) afterwards to help us determine if we want to tweak the script further before moving forward. Nine months ago neither Jen nor I knew we would become playwrights. The fact we’ve come this far is a miracle in itself! Thanks for being part of our little miracle.