Audition - COLLECTIVE RAGE at Zoom Theatre

Patrick Nims

Audition - Zoom Theatre is casting for the part of Betty 5 in COLLECTIVE RAGE: A PLAY IN 5 BETTIES by Jen Silverman and directed by Jane Reagan.  Auditions are being accepted until Oct 6.
Audition Instructions and details at
About the Show - It’s a comedy about five women named Betty.  Betty is rich; Betty is lonely; Betty’s busy working on her truck; Betty wants to talk about love, but Betty needs to hit something. And Betty keeps using a small hand mirror to stare into parts of herself she’s never examined. Five different women named Betty collide at the intersection of anger, sex, and the “Thea-Tah.”
Character Description - Betty 5: POC, Genderqueer (masculine-of-center), great tattoos, owns a hole-in-the-wall boxing gym. Betty 5 is wildly charismatic and if you were a lady, even a straight lady, you'd get fluttery.
- Casting Details -
* Auditions accepted until October 6
* All actors must be at least 18 years of age.
* Non-Union, non-paying gig. Audience donations will be shared with company members after the production closes.
* All rehearsals and performances will be done remotely and on-line.
* Cast member physical location / time zone is not restricted as long as cast members can make all rehearsal and performance times (see below).
— Dates
All times are Pacific Time (PT)
* Auditions accepted until October 6
* Call Backs - Thursday, October 8 from 5pm to 8pm.
* Rehearsals - Oct 19 to Nov 11, Monday to Friday from 5:30pm to 8pm
* Performance Call Times - Nov 12, 13, 14 at 5pm PT and Nov 15 at 12pm PT.
— Additional Requirements
Each cast member must have / provide:
* A computer (Mac or Windows OS) with multi-core processor (Intel i5 or better) and 4gb RAM (or better), webcam and microphone.
* A reliable internet connection with at least 3mbs upload and 10mbs download. (Screen test of results will be required eat callbacks)
* A minimum 11'x9' space in which to rehearse and perform.
* Permission for Zoom Theatre to create a “show" user account on your computer and for Zoom techs to remotely access and operate your computer during rehearsal and performance.
* Self-costuming will be required (TBD, COLLECTIVE RAGE will be modern dress).
* Zoom Theater will provide other equipment (green screens, ring lights, external mics, external webcams, props).
- Actors must agree to be responsible to Zoom provided equipment while it is in their possession.
- Actors must agree to re-box and ship Zoom provided equipment back to Zoom within three days after last performance (Zoom will cover cost of shipping).
Audition Instructions and details at
~ Pat