Free to other theatre community members: Take some of our things!

Myrrh Larsen

We're cleaning out our backstage and giving away a TON of things we no longer need from our performing arts space in inner SE industrial near OMSI.

Email with whatever item(s) you're interested in and the best day/time for you to come pick up, and we'll arrange a contactless pickup time for you.

See the attached spreadsheet for pics and details/measurements on some items

Items include:
Several par cans
Par can outer shells
Some large tarps & other things for making banners out of
Small white LED plugin light
A whole bunch of light bulbs, flood, spot, halogen, edison, etc
Lots of wingnuts and misc hardware
A big bag of fancy truss pins
Door handle with external "vacant/occupied" indicator
Older InFocus video projector
6' wide pull down movie projection screen
4' Threaded pipe
Pipe with altman clamp
Fancy metal brace hinge things
Vintage camera enlarger (former prop)
8-channel lighting board, used
Rolling/tilting laptop table
Some black and white fabric odds & ends
Rubber wolf mask
Long strips of burlap (good for a haunted house?)
Punch bowl
Decorative bowls & plates
Chair cushions
5'x2.5' folding table
Black table skirt
Silk fabric tubes for projecting onto
Red/green dot grid laser, sound reactive
Roll of pink "Keep This Coupon" tickets
5 wooden folding chairs
Various retractable projection screens
Very used wood & paper two-panel shoji screen
& more (see doc)

All items FREE. Just arrange pickup & don't be flaky.

Myrrh Larsen
the steep and thorny way to heaven

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