[pcp-announce] pcp-3.8.3 and pcp-gui-1.5.10 released

Nathan Scott

Hi all,

New releases of both PCP and PCP GUI packages are now
available. These releases include important changes!

In particular, please note that local host connections
now use AF_UNIX connections by default, rather than an
IPv4 or IPv6 socket to "localhost". This allows us to
provide locally authenticated connections, by default.
These user credentials are also available to PMDAs, if
you moonlight as a PMDA author and want to use this new
information (see pmdaproc, on Linux, for example code).

Other noticeable improvements are the correct reporting
of hostname over tunnelled connections, the addition of
static probe markers in pmcd, and updates to the 2 PCP
books to incorporate many of the most recent changes (a
copy of each can be found in the installed packages, in
"pcp-doc" on Linux hosts). The Infiniband PMDA sources
have been brought back into core PCP as well, updated,
and we'll ship this as a sub-package going forward.

Full changelog follows; http://oss.sgi.com/projects/pcp
for download details and more links to the books!

pcp-3.8.3 (9 September 2013)
- Split the XFS and XFS quota metrics into a separate PMDA
- Optional hash-based metric table lookups for PMDAs
- pmdagfs2: updates
- pmlogrewrite: add support for indom replication
- pmatop: Decrease screen real estate used for display.
- Fix the pmdabash shell version support validation code
- Add gluster PMDA into the build, really this time
- Add hinv.nnode metric to pmdalinux, mirroring the IRIX metric
- Add an option allowing custom pmcd.hostname settings
- Implement host access checking for unix domain sockets.
- Man page updates, esp. to pmcd.1 re access controls.
- Add static probe support for pmcd probes (systemtap/dtrace)
- Change pmGetContextHostName to be pmcd.hostname aware and thus
able to report the correct remote hostname through a tunnel.
- Update numerous tools to use pmGetContextHostName now.
- Demonstration programs for the MMV API
- Add pmdasystemd journal event count and total bytes metrics
- Use -fPIC over -fpic, resolving build issues on some platforms.
- Ensure Perl refcount bumped on PMDA.pm pmdacache stored variables
- Fix pmie/pmlogger control scripts - bad pmproxy handling
- Add a mechanism for packaging to avoid chown use, for Debian.

pcp-gui 1.5.10 (9 September 2013)
- Updates to the PCP Users and Administrators Guide.
- Updates to the PCP Programmers Guide.
- Install a known-good pdf version of each book.
- Convert pmchart over to use pmGetContextHostName for more
accurate hostname reporting.



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