Performance Co-Pilot 4.0.0 released

Nathan Scott

Hi there,

It gives me great pleasure to announce the first major-numbered PCP release in nine and a half years - PCP v4 - is here!

Some of the highlights of this release are:

- The addition of metric labels (name:value pairs) as a new form of metric metadata - see pmLookupLabels(3) - introduced via backwards-compatible protocol and API extensions.

- The automatic recording of metric help text and labels to the PCP archive format, in a backwards- and forwards-compatible fashion!  PCP v4 tools take advantage of the new metadata, and tools from earlier versions of PCP function with new archives exactly as before.

- PMAPI refactoring to promote interfaces that are commonly used into the public, documented API; and a reduction in footprint of internal libpcp interfaces and data structures being exposed.  This has been done in a backwards-compatible way such that all reasonable out-of-tree PMAPI code will continue to function just as before.

- Significant updates on several tools - particularly pmrep(1), pcp-atop(1), a more dynamic pmlogger(1), a new BCC PMDA, updates to the Prometheus and many of the kernel PMDAs.

- And many, many more features and bug fixes ...

pcp-4.0.0 (16 February 2018)
    - Support metric labels as first class PCP metadata
        - libpcp: over-the-wire protocol support for labels
        - libpcp: store metric labels in archives
        - dbpmda: new commands for exercising metric labels
        - pmdaproc: add proc.* and cgroup.* metric labels
        - pmdalinux: add disk, CPU, NUMA node and other labels
        - pmdapmcd: add pmcd.labels metric (/etc/pcp/labels)
        - pmdaprometheus: add support for Prometheus labels
        - pmcd: support label PDUs between clients and PMDAs
        - pminfo: add new -l/--labels option
        - pmlogger: support storing labels in archives
        - pmdumplog: support for dumping labels in archives
        - pmlogextract: support for labels in input archives
        - pmlogrewrite: support for changing labels in archives
        - libpcp_pmda: support for metric label PDUs
        - libpcp_pmda: new pmdaLabel(3), pmdaSetLabelCallBack(3) APIs
        - docs: upate pmlogger on-disk format docs for labels
    - libpcp: store metric help text in archives for pmLookupText(3)
    - PMAPI and PMDA API refactoring, promotion and deprecation
        - libpcp: pmapi.h, impl.h, libpcp.h header refactoring
        - libpcp: several impl.h data structures made internal
        - libpcp: several impl.h interfaces cleaned, documented and
          promoted into new PMAPI routines - e.g. pmGetProgname(3),
          pmSetProgname(3), pmID_build(3), pmInDom_build(3),
          pmOpenLog(3), pmGetAPIConfig(3), pmNoMem(3), pmSyslog(3),
          pmNotifyErr(3), pmPrintStamp(3), pmPathSeparator(3),
          pmGetUsername(3), pmSpecLocalPMDA(3).
        - libpcp: hide details of pmlc/pmlogger communication
        - libpcp: hide all internal PDU and PDUbuf details
    - Asynchronous notification of metric name changes
        - libpcp: fetch protocol support for async name changes
        - pmlogger: dynamic reevaluation of metric name changes
        - libpcp_pmda: support for PMDAs with dynamic name changes
        - docs: describe async name change protocol on pmFetch(3)
    - pmdadm: add new VDO (virtual data optimizer) metrics
    - pmdabcc: new PMDA exporting BCC/eBPF trace instrumentation
    - pmdaproc: fix issue with resolving ttynames below /dev
    - pmdaproc: add metric based on cgroups
    - pmdaproc: add new cgroup.*.id.container metrics
    - pmdalinux: additional /proc/vmstat pgscan, pgsteal metrics
    - pmdalinux: fix scanf format for /proc/net/if_inet6
    - pmdalinux: tty.serial metrics use tty number as indom instance
    - pmdalinux: add kernel.all.pid_max metric from /proc/sys/kernel
    - pmdalinux: add wireless and name type network interface metrics
    - pmdalinux: additional NUMA migration metrics from /proc/vmstat
    - pmdasolaris: update for ZFS snapshot API changes
    - pmdaprometheus: improvements to auto-configuration
    - pmdaprometheus: metadata inference tweaks
    - pmdaprometheus: rework instance-name prefixing
    - pmdaprometheus: add support for scripted configuation
    - pmdabash: install a default directory with secure permissions
    - pmdajson: install a default directory with secure permissions
    - pmdammv: install a default directory with secure permissions
    - pmdalibvirt: correctly restore previously persisted indoms
    - pmdahaproxy: correctly restore previously persisted indoms
    - pmdadocker: document PCP_DOCKER_DIR variable
    - pmrep/pcp2xxx: clarify instances reported by default
    - pmrep/pcp2xxx: introduce per-metric precision support
    - pmrep/pcp2xxx: multiple derived metrics specs on command line
    - pmrep/pcp2xxx: properly validate config file options
    - pmrep/pcp2xxx: add force scaling/formatting options
    - pmrep/pcp2xxx: add live filtering support
    - pmrep/pcp2xxx: add support ranking, inverse filtering, predicates
    - pmrep/pcp2xxx: add support for limit filtering
    - pmrep: add support for overall ranking
    - pmrep: add support for dynamic headers
    - pmrep: make -g/--separate-header compatible with -X/--colxrow
    - pmrep: pmdumptext -X/--extended alike output
    - pmrep: do not force raw values with CSV output
    - pmrep: avoid repeated pmi calls in write_archive
    - pmrep: better delimiter handling
    - pmrep: sar-y, sar-n-SOCK, numa-hint-faults configs in pmrep.conf
    - pmrep: fix archive output dir access check
    - pmrep: record discrete values to archive only when changed
    - pcp2json: -E/--exact-types option for increased output control
    - pmjson: new helper utility for json formatting
    - iostat2pcp: support yet more incompatible changes to iostat
    - pmstore: add -F/--fetch option to provide accurate new value
    - pmdumplog: increase precision of timestamp output
    - pmdumplog: support for dumping metric help text in archives
    - pmlogger: avoid multiple metadata records for same indom and timestamp
    - pmlogextract: change <mark> strategy if prologue + epilogue available
    - pmlogconf: ensure values present before enabling apache group
    - pmlogconf: ensure values present before enabling nfsclient group
    - pmlogconf: additional kernel metrics for pmlogconf
    - pmlogconf: added storage group for pmlogconf with VDO metrics
    - pcp-atop: add Docker support, updates to upstream atop-2.3.0 code
    - pcp-atopsar: improve robustness with missing data
    - pcp-mpstat: fix typo in method call found by pylint
    - pcp-summary: fix incorrect use of -O/--offset/$PCP_ORIGIN
    - pmchart: fix uninitialized memory use in status bar
    - pmchart: several improvements to the BusyCPU script
    - desktop: new icon images for pmchart and pmtime applications
    - libpcp: support transparent on-demand archive decompression
    - libpcp: provide -O/--offset heuristics for local archives
    - libpcp: fix non-standard space units handling
    - python pmconfig: handle option priorities correctly
    - python pmcc: add MetricGroupManager.checkMissingMetrics
    - python api: use correct tm_gmtoff type in pmMktime call
    - selinux: numerous corrections to policy files
    - zshrc: series of updates for latest command arguments
    - zshrc: recognize .xz compressed archive file names
    - zshrc: don't complete unavailable derived metrics
    - bashrc: series of updates for latest command arguments
    - PMDA Install: removed "monitor, server or both" prompts
    - build: update debian builds to quilt-based format
    - build: fix Qt5 build dependency injection
    - build: fix debian binary-indep packaging
    - build: fix debian python package dependencies
    - build: enable systemd in debian packages
    - build: and related fixes for Solaris builds
    - build: numerous Windows portability fixes
    - build: remove config transition mechanism for ancient releases
    - build: get python basics going in Windows cross-comiles
    - build: selinux - directly test existance of semodule -X option
    - build: selinux - update policy package on upgrade
    - build: rpm - move to explicit python2/python3 deps
    - build: rpm - python->python2 naming, obsolete python-foo packaging
    - series of small code improvements found by Coverity
    - series of small code improvements found by cppcheck
    - docs: start documenting long options on PCPIntro(1) and others
    - docs: add some power user examples to pmrep(1)



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