X-Carve PCB Milling


I just received an X-Carve CNC machine from Inventables, which uses an Arduino with "G-Shield" to control the movements.  This shield is based on a project called grbl.  The user interface for the machine is called 'Easel', which is very easy to use and can import .svg files, but I do not see a way to import g-code files.  I am actually an Electrical Engineer with very little CNC machine experience (just getting into this).  It seems like there's a ton of information out there on this topic, so if anyone can point me in the right direction as to how to setup the ULP for this specific machine and actually send these files to the machine I would really appreciate it!  My plan is to fully document this procedure and make a YouTube video showing how its done for my ~38k subscribers.  Thanks!

Scott Goldthwaite

There's some good stuff on the Shapeoko forum.  I've posted some of the stuff I learned.Check out: