Where's my dunce cap #eagle

Art Eckstein

Hey gang,
Many long time readers will know I have been around here for quite some time and have been using Eagle and Pcb-gcode to make my boards. For years I have muddled through and made my projects but have always had problems when using copper pours and getting a clearance between various traces etc.
This week, I have a project that is a small board ~.5"x.75" and could not for the life of me get it to "etch". About 50% of the time, it refused to mill out the isolation and yet, make small lines in some fairly close places.
Bottom line after several days of surfing, stumbled across a blog on the net that advised changing the isolation value of the pour. The process to do this is to <right click> on either the polygon or the pour itself if you have ratnested it and this will bring up a dialogue box.
About 2/3 way down, there is an "Isolate" box. By default, this is 0. Change this to a suitable value for your system (I use 12mil). Click apply and you will instantly see the difference. Then click "OK" and your ready to run your ulp or whatever.

Hope this helps somebody else.

I still need that dunce cap as I should have figured this out years ago!

Country Bubba