Track and pads joined

Art Eckstein

Just to reiterate and make sure we are on the same page:
Move to the center of the board
lower tool till it touches (you say electrical
sensor, does that mean your issuing a G31 z-??
and letting TCNC detect the board?)
Zero Z (Issue a MDI command G92 Z0?)

Country Bubba

At 09:40 AM 6/7/2014, you wrote:

Hi Art,

Thanks, well I am doing what I always did. Jog
the machine until X and Y are on my board ZERO
and zero X and Y. I jog the machine to the
middle of the board ( I dont have auto leveler
so mid of the board sort of averages) lower the
Z until it touches the board (electrical sensor)
and zero Z. Panel shows all zeroes. Jog the Z up
a bit to clear the board and start the file (the
Z in the panel shows the right value up).
At the moment, if I can remember, the machine
comes to X 0, Y 0, and Z to Z up (if I remember
correctly), then Z goes up X and Y go to the
starting point and Z goes down but not enough and starts cutting air).

If you want I can recheck all the movements.
I have no tools or fixtures settings in the TurboCnc.

Thank you for your attention.



No, I told you I don't speak G.... HI. I connect the probe to the board and lower the tool, jogging the machine until it touches, then I zero the Z axis.

Art, if you want to contact me via e-mail you can use caria at unless you feel this can help others.



HI Art me again.

Sorry for all the trouble. I loaded an old file and it worked as usual. I compared the two files and the only thing that looked different was the G97 s0. I looked it up and G97 does not seem relevant for this type of operation, so I removed it and it seems to work. I am going to try and make the board. I am sure that even Murphy must have run out of ideas. I feel my luck is turning :-).

Best regards