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Roy Emeny

Hello Gary,
Sorry can't help but as in a previous posting (if it got distributed) I  have the same problem (identical error message) after years of it working OK on my Windows 7, Eagle 6, and latest PCB-GCode installation so you are not alone. I am beginning to think it is the latest  Java update.

Strangely I am not getting the same problem when I boot into Windows 8  and run Eagle 7 (I have a dual boot system).
At least it has made me give Eagle 7 a try, and now quite happy with it, having found out how to get the old icons back - call me a traditionalist!

Perhaps with two of us having the same issue others with more knowledge can supply an answer.

Good luck,

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Hi Guys,
I'm having a problem with PCB GODE ulp I get a Java error message that says " Unspecified error" I uninstalled Java and reinstalled it with the latest version. I also reinstalled the PCB GODE ulp. see atacthed. Any ideas?

TNX Gary


Hi Roy,

On further research I have found that the only thing that is missing is the prevues. It saves the PCB GCODE in tacked.