News for Dec-2005

John Johnson <johnatl@...>

Hello Users!

The Group
I'm glad to have you all here. We're up to 18 members, as of today. That is exciting for me!

In addition to the existing databases where we can list suppliers for materials, PCB stock, etc., I have created two more databases, one called Bugs, and one called Suggestions. Feel free to add to any of the databases.
I have listed a bug about the temporary file for creating drill files.

Part of the what I like about working on this program is seeing where people are located that use it. I enjoy telling my wife, "I got an email from a someone in ___ who is using my program!" If you don't care to do so, please add yourself to this Frappr map. (I haven't received any spam from them.)

The Program
I continue work on pcb-gcode. Currently I am working on:

Setup / Configuration program
This will allow you to select the type of controller you are using, such as Mach3, TurboCNC, EMC, etc. and configuration files will be setup that work with your controller. When this is released, I foresee a standard set of controller files that will be shipped with the program, and other files available on this Yahoo! group for new additions.
The configuration program will allow you to turn generated files (such as bottom drill, milling, etc.) on and off, make changes to tool diameters, offset increments and the like without editing files.
See the Photo Album titled Screen Shots

File size and Compatibility
I continue researching ways to reduce file size and make them more compatible with more controllers. If you have customized your gcode-defaults.h file, I would be grateful if you post it to this list or email it to me. Please let us know what kind of controller software you are using (EMC, Mach, TurboCNC, etc.).

I've improved milling greatly. The generated NC file now supports arcs (G02, G03). I've done some weird layouts testing the program, and they have all worked.

I need a few people to do beta testing on the next release of pcb-gcode. If you are interested, please send an email to johnatl@... and let me know what kind of controller software you're using.

Happy New Year to you all!


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