New features on the way

John Johnson <pcbgcode@...>

Hello All,

Just wanted to let you know about a couple of features that have been submitted and rolled into the February release.

Martin Marriott's optimization code!
Martin has done a great job optimizing the generated g-code for milling and etching. There is even an option to choose climb or conventional milling. Thanks, Martin!

Peter Zotov's stencil code!
Peter has written code to produce g-code to cut stencils for cream application. I hooked it into the previewer and added a field for the tool size in setup. Thanks, Peter!

Good stuff coming your way. The beta testers are hard at work making sure everything is bullet-proof, and a release will be coming soon.


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Wonderful!  That will cut my file prep time in half. 


Sweet! That you guys give so much to this community is quite humbling. I hope to pay it forward somewhere, somehow....