New Autoleveller .8 released

Roland Jollivet

Hi James

Assuming one used a proper contact probe, what is the maximum Z deviation allowed?

In other words, could I use your program to engrave a pattern over the surface of a mouse's curved top where the Z deviation might be 10mm?


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Dear all, 

A shameless bit of promotion perhaps but you might get better results from your pcb-gcode output with my Autoleveller software. Autoleveller | CNC workpiece levelling. Version .8 allows you to resume at any point without the need to re-probe the entire board. 

I am happy to answer any questions you may have.



Autoleveller | CNC workpiece levelling
AutoLeveller is designed to probe and compensate for variations in height on a CNC machine. Make your PCB better by autolevelling your design
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Hi Roland,

That should not be a problem if you change the probe settings although I haven't tried it myself...

Autoleveller 0.8 GUI probe only CNC PCB Software
For an object of 10mm height deviation, the most important settings here are change 'probe clearance' to about 12. 

The 'probe spacing' is the distance between points so you will probably need to make this much smaller.

Change the X and Y values as desired.

You will also need to input a GCode file before you generate a levelled file, so you should be able to make a blank file, pass that in then change the values.

Which controller do you use?

Have a try with the free version if you dont have the new version and let me know how you get on.