Membership, Posting, etc.

zxcvbnm12330134 <johnatl@...>

I will create a form email for this when people join. Since this is
after the fact for all of you good people, here's how I have the group
set up.

Membership is open to all. I will approve your request to join as soon
as I check my email the next time. This should be less than 12 hours,
except for Holidays and the like.

To keep down the number of posts about getting a date and the like,
everyone starts off Moderated. That means I have to check your posts
before they are sent to the list. When I see you aren't a spammer, I
change your status to Unmoderated, and you can post all you want.

When you are approved to post messages, you will be approved to post
files. /Please/, if you post a program (a .exe or .com file for
Windows or DOS) run a virus scanner on the file. This includes .zip
files that have programs in them.

Photos can be posted when you are approved to post messages as well.
I'm sure everyone knows, but it must be said, that we interested in
machines, PCBs and the like, not "biology".

Same as Photos.

You Can Help
If you have a conflict you can't resolve with another member, please
drop me a line. I am sure we can come to an agreement without a public
battle. If you find off-color Photos, Links or Files, please let me
know as soon as possible.

Most Important
Enjoy yourself!

Moderator, pcb-gcode