Dremel tools and spindles

zxcvbnm12330134 <johnatl@...>

When I first began routing and mechanical etching, I was using a
MotoTool. At some point I became unsatisfied with it, took it apart,
and for some forgotten reason had to hammer on the shaft. I didn't
realize this made the armature move on the shaft. Subsequently, the
Dremel failed.

My next spindle was a larger Dremel, the Dremel Advantage. It is sold
as a "Rotary Saw," and works like a big MotoTool. I became
dissatisfied with the spindle bearings, and proceeded to take it
apart. This time, I did /not/ hammer on the shaft :-)

When I got it apart, I found the bearing on the chuck end of the shaft
was a 6002V. This is a light duty bearing, and the radial play was on
the order of 0.004" (0.1mm). I found a replacement bearing, a 6002
ABEC-1. This is a much better bearing.

Someone on another list said "ABEC-1, that's kind of low." ABEC-1 is
a whole lot better than V. To me, it's great!

After the bearing, I started looking into better ways to mount my
Dremel. After much thought, testing, sawing, etc. I decided, why not
make a new housing? So that is what I've been working on as time
permits. It is nice and square, so it's easy to mount. 0.25" (6mm) AL
for the bottom, 3/16" (uh, 5mm?) for the top, and probably 3/16" for
the sides too. The ends, which hold the bearings, at the moment, are
0.750" (19mm), though this will be changing. The shaft actually
extends 2 - 3" (50 - 75mm) from the bearing. This is hidden by the
plastic of the original housing.

I'll post some pictures soon.

So, I guess the moral of the post is, if you don't like your Dremel's
bearings, change them. If it's to hard to mount, make a new housing.