Can´t find pcb-gcode-prg .scr

Art Eckstein

By any chance did you forget to include the complete path to the pcb-gcode in Eagle by going to 'Options', 'Directories', 'User Language Programs'????

As listed in the manual, it needs to be as the first listing on the line with any others after that seperated by a ";".

In my case, it is located on my "I" drive and on any version of windows after XP, I would not put it in any directory under "Program" folders.  It needs to be in a seperate "non-protected" folder. 

Country Bubba

At 06:39 AM 2/12/2017, you wrote:

I´m a newbie and use Eagle 7.5.0 and pcb-Gcode

After drawing my board I did setup ( I´m not shure what option is better to GRBL too) and try to proceed to make the board but the above message stucks me here.

Is this an install error? Did I put pcb-Gcode on proper folders?

Please help me.

Thanks in advance.