ALWAYS End G-Code with return to X0.00 Y0.00 Z1.00 - HOW? #pcbgcode - another idea #pcbgcode

John Ferguson

Hi John,

another idea is to add this code to the END_OF_PROGRAM line in the *.pp profile file I'm using.

besides this is easy to test.



On 4/10/20 6:43 PM, John Johnson wrote:

Hey John,

You should be able to add code in user-gcode.h in one or more of the TOOL_CHANGE_ strings. Like this:

|TOOL_CHANGE_BEGIN[ALL] = "G01 Z1\n" "G01 X0 Y0\n" "M06\n"; |

This code would be added to your gcode files for the beginning of tool changes for ALL sides of the board (top and bottom).


On 10 Apr 2020, at 15:34, John Ferguson via wrote:

Hi guys,

I have to do manual tool changes between etching the bottom of a
PCB, Drilling, and cutting it out of the larger board.

Right now, the G-Code generated by pcb-gcode lifts the cutter to Z
1.000 but doesn't home it.  I've spent the morning trying to make
this happen by editing user-gcode.h without success.  This must
somehow be coded into the routine somewhere and maybe it would be
better to fix it there. But where and how?

I would prefer something like:

G00 Z1.0000

G00 X0.0000 Y0.0000

Also the G-Code locates some end of file text at the joint between
the trace etching and the spot-drilling but then doesn't show them
at the actual end of file. This is not a big deal but I would
truly like to no longer have to manually jog the tool in X and Y
axes to return it to home.

What should I try?

best regards to you all,

John Ferguson