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Some mathematical whiz could do this using Voronoi diagrams.
But, no, not currently an option. Unless you use single-pass as Art suggested.


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Hey fellow pcb millers! I just tried an alternate method of milling my isolation cuts. Rather than using the etch file generated by pcb-gcode, I drew my own lines on the milling layer. This allows me to maximize the amount of copper left on the board and minimize the amount of cutting needed. The down side is, it's a lot of manual drawing and I can only draw the lines for the top or bot layer (all milling layer items in eagle are generated for top and bot layers). For this board all my components are through-hole, so I used the top-etch and bot-mill files.

I have attached a couple screen shots showing what I mean, they are both for the bottom of the board. Is there a way of generating these type of isolation cut files instead of me drawing them manually? Does anyone do something similar? This just occurred to me, maybe I could use the text layer for the other side of the board if I don't want any actual text anyways.

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