Any interest in a new forum? #pcbgcode #development

John Johnson

I've been using other forums that run on Discourse. I think they are easier to navigate than (and Discord), as everything here seems to run together. I think I could set one up on Digital Ocean fairly easily. Not sure about migrating all accounts over, if/how email notifications would work, etc.

Open to input!

Thanks, JJ

Brett Pound <brett_pound@...>

Personally, I'm on some Discourse forums, and on some Discord channels, and they work well, but are a lot of work (well, I know they are non-zero) and I don't know how much return you'd see.  Now you've added content on github, how about we actually use the discussions and issues list on that? I was peripherally involved on a project whose listserv server had a cease and desist against it so went offline pretty quickly (someone can't read the unsubscribe part of the emails they signed up for - but the ISP had to enforce it unfortunately), and they then moved completely to github and it has been working really well. As an end user you can subscribe to the discussions and releases, so you see when there's a new version updates and when new discussions come up, so it stays very similar to this, but if anything email threading works a bit better than here (occasionally you'll see topics not get grouped properly).  If it was my vote alone, I'd be trying that as it's zero effort as it's already part of the github project, and then reassess.  It's not like this is a highly active, chatty group anyway...