What is in the Files section now, and a new Beta is available

John Johnson <johnatl@...>

I hope this will clarify what must be a bewildering number of options for downloading files.

The first word in the description lets you know what you're getting.

STABLE means it's been out for a while, lots of people are using it, and it is the same version that is available at the CADSoft website.

BETA means it is probably okay to use, give it a try, and post a message on the list if you have a problem, or, just as important, if you don't have problems. Also please don't post beta versions for download elsewhere, so there won't be a lot of unknown versions for people to run across.

Now, for the actual files:

pcb-gcode-2.1.zip The stable version as available here and at the CADSoft site.

pcb-gcode-3.0.3.zip A beta version. Added configuration for limiting the values input. Metric users needed to be able to enter numbers like 700 for feed rates, but the input fields were limited to 100. The same for axis limits. This functionality is in the setup program. This release also fixes a problem with extra M02 (end of file) codes in filebot and filetop files.

pcb-gcode-3.1.1.zip A beta version. Added some functionality at Art's request. There now are a slew (that's a lot) of places for you to customize your gcode. I will post another message with more details.

pcb-gcode.dru Design rules you can load into the Design Rule Checker. This sets up checks for spacing between tracks, etc.


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