Advice on moving the codebase to GitHub #pcbgcode #github #development

John Johnson

I'm contemplating posting the code for pcb-gcode to a repository on GitHub (actually already have).
I have a very shallow knowledge of GitHub at the moment (longtime svn user), and not a lot of time to devote to coming up to speed. The code is currently in this repo My understanding is people will fork the repo, make changes, and issue pull requests that someone will need to vet, then merge into the codebase.

Let me know if I’m off track.

Should I set up another repo, or is the one linked above suitable.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks, JJ

Nicholas Humfrey

Excellent idea moving to GitHub - I find it much easier to contribute to GitHub projects.

Is it worth trying to rescue the history from Subversion?

GitHub provide some tools to help do that.