Re: domain secured #pcb-gcode

Art Eckstein

Fantastic, I can remember when this site started and the amount of confusion that it caused.
I am happy to see this come to a great end.


On 8/28/2022 4:18 PM, John Johnson wrote:
In a moment of being overly generous a few years ago, someone asked if they could register the and I agreed. Seventeen minutes later, I regretted it. He was selling some modified version of pcb-gcode, which also didn't sit well. Since 2003, my goal has been for pcb-gcode to be a free tool available to everyone that wanted it.

 I checked this morning and the domain was available again, so I paid the ransom to Network Solutions and bought the domain.

It's still processing, and not active yet (it's only been 5 hours, and you know how slow computers are this century).

Anyway, should be live soon, and I'll probably just forward to the groups group, like does, but wanted to share what I think is good news.

ps. the beta of pcb-gcode with hole milling should be available soon. If you're interested in trying the alpha, send me an email. Thanks!


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