pcbgcode.com domain secured #pcb-gcode

John Johnson

In a moment of being overly generous a few years ago, someone asked if they could register the pcbgcode.com and I agreed. Seventeen minutes later, I regretted it. He was selling some modified version of pcb-gcode, which also didn't sit well. Since 2003, my goal has been for pcb-gcode to be a free tool available to everyone that wanted it.

 I checked this morning and the domain was available again, so I paid the ransom to Network Solutions and bought the domain.

It's still processing, and not active yet (it's only been 5 hours, and you know how slow computers are this century).

Anyway, should be live soon, and I'll probably just forward to the groups group, like pcbgcode.org does, but wanted to share what I think is good news.

ps. the beta of pcb-gcode with hole milling should be available soon. If you're interested in trying the alpha, send me an email. Thanks!


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