Re: Textmate bundle for Eagle’s ULP language? Or an Emacs mode? #eagle #development

John Johnson

Thanks Peter and Harald!

Actually, Textmate isn't that bad. I just added .ulp to the extensions for C programming language, and it does pretty well.

When I tried it years back, things like:

            // Process all the wires.
            B.wires(W) W.pieces(P) {

Would throw all the indentation off if you ran Text | Indent Selection.

Now the main thing that is kind of wonky are switch / case / break statements, so I just won't try to format those.
I could probably change the indentation rules for the bundle, but they are more complex than even pcb-gcode :-)


On 8/21/22 4:35 PM, peterg1000 via wrote:
Hi guys,

For what it's worth the FreeBasic ide  "FBide" will provide a color highlighted presentation of a .ulp file. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux so the blurb says.


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