Re: Helical milling drill holes with endmill #pcbgcode #drill #helical


Hello people.
my opinion:
1- G2 and G3 can be used with R without problems (two 180° arcs) or I J mode (my Trochoidal 3d bCNC plugin uses R, without problem after years)
2- If the cut of the circle is to generate a cut of the material, I do not see it as essential to make a pocket
3-if pocketing, option a) by discrete jump to next circle (40% overlap?) or b) enlarge in spiral movement (it will always keep a lateral cut, in the other mode, each step to next circle is a slot ). I prefer spiral.
4- I think G3 generates a better finish (finish on the material on the left side of the cutter). Add option box CW - CCW?
5-Select descent step per lap (pitch). Flat final pass.
Perhaps this repeats other opinions: my English is terrible.
hugs, Mario

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