Re: Older files were on GitHub, anyone want to verify what I've uploaded? #pcbgcode #thanks


Hi John,

I compared the files on Github to the files I have on my computer, both denoted as V3.6.2.4.

I found, that "my" "pcb-gcode.ulp" is at least heavily commented, compared to the one in your Github.
Also I found functional additions from "mlmSolutions added 14 Feb 14" and from me, "Harald added 13 Feb 2020". This applies to some other files, too.

As of my additions, they are to implement "climb" and "not climb" in one run, that is, changing the milling direction for the first and all other following milling pathes. This results in "good edges" for the traces and the remaining patches, respectively.
I elaborated on those changes on my homepage.

Additionally I have implemented the patch from Alexander Arkusha which fixes the problem with spot-drilling and actual drilling the holes for TH components.

Comparing all files in both repositories is beyond my time and skills, since there are hundreds of changes.
I can provide you with my version of V3.6.2.4, if you are interested in.

All in all, I cannot judge your Github files to work as expected or not, sorry for that. I just didn't test the Github version.


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