Re: Older files were on GitHub, anyone want to verify what I've uploaded? #pcbgcode #thanks

John Johnson

Hi Art,

Thanks for checking that out!

Happy Birthday!

That's quite a milestone. Must be all those years of living right, plus a liberal application of cutting fluid now and then :-)

Rest assured, if I move the group, you'll be coming along as admin. So far, no response other than yours. If I move the group, it probably won't be for a while, as I'm short on time.

Good to hear from you!
Keep making chips.


Art Eckstein wrote:

OK, downloaded the zip file and loaded the dir into eagle 6.1 that I
use and seems to work just fine.  Did some poking around and all
seemed fine.


At 3/2/2022 02:01 PM, John Johnson wrote:

I just uploaded what should be version to GitHub, and would
appreciate anyone who can verify that it works. I had some older
files on there, 3.6.0.x.

I don't currently have anything set up to check it with, sadly, not
even Eagle.

Thanks, JJ

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