Re: Error Codes ?? #pcbgcode


Well it looks like the problem is something to do with M6 tool change codes !!
Had a look around and found this info about the M6 command not work in all
So i downloaded the ( grbl.pp ) file and put it into:
so then i run the pcbgcode setup and select the grbl.pp file then tell it to use the drill
rack file (AUX SWITCH BOARD_TEST_3.drl) it makes the files for drill
i open the ( AUX SWITCH ) in Candle V 1.1.7
and run it in check mode which seemed to work ok !
then i try a live run and then it starts with errors one being  M00 ; INSTALL PROBE < error:9
whats all that about ?  what kind of probe ?  on my controll board there are 2pins marked PROBE
is this where to fit the probe ?

sorry about all these questions  am a newbie to all this Hardware \ Software

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