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that comports well with what I see happening in EAGLE, namely a pour isolated by a small but increasing amount 
with successive iterations. 

The process does not (visually) appear the same in Fusion. I would guess that PCB-gcode calls for a pour and as a result Fusion
generates a panel with the appropriate data, isolation distance, thermals etc. My guess is the intention is that the panel should be populated
with your choices if different from the defaults and the panel OKed before the pour is calculated. The panels flash up that briefly that its 
impossible to view or otherwise update it before the next successive panel appears.

I did try creating a ground pour in the original PCB artwork but that did not in itself allow pcb-gcode to work with regard to generating
compliant .etch files.

I also tried creating a .etch file with just a single pass hoping that the panel would exist long enough that I might view it, to no avail.

I have a subscription for Fusion, largely because of the CAD/CAM features but as it includes an unlimited (by comparison to the free
EAGLE offering) PCB design solution I am keen to get it to work. I am not a fan of subscription based software but when I compare the overall
value of the components offered as a single solution it does make sense and I overcame my aversion to a subscription.


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That's correct. The pour works like a ground plane pour, isolating itself from existing tracks by some increasing amount. The pour is then processed as polygonal line segments by pcb-gcode to generate the g-code movements for mechanical etching.
If the pour isn't happening, the whole process fails.

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"What does the screen look like when the etch files are being created? Do you still see the progressive outlines around the tracks?"

No, the displays flickers briefly as if it's doing the calculations and a 'Pour panel' briefly shows, the panel is part of the new Fusion interface .

Now that you have me thinking about what I see I'm wondering if the 'Pour', being the rectangle of the PCB outline needs to be defined
BEFORE the ulp can generate the Gcode? In which case the Pour panel which has the choice data needs to be active BEFORE the ulp runs?


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What does the screen look like when the etch files are being created? Do you still see the progressive outlines around the tracks?

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I have used PCB-Gcode extensively with EAGLE over a number of years but have recently decided to migrate to Fusion 360.
The electronics/PCB package is very closely related to EAGLE and I have found that it is  as easy to use after adjusting to the new interface.

With Fusion all your projects are stored on the cloud, whereas with EAGLE they are stored on your local hard-drive. While there are a number
of ulp's on the cloud pcb-gcode is not among them. It is intended (by Autodesk) that such a ulp will be stored locally.

I have loaded the pcb-gcode ulp to the Doucuments/Fusion360/ulps (on my local PC) file which is provided for use. I have been
able to run the ulp and it generates the required files but the top.etch and bot.etch files are empty despite the .drill and .mill files
being complete with comments, line numbers and compliant Gcode.

Can anyone suggest a reason that good .dill and .mill files are produced but not .etch files?


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