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I have been experimenting trying to find a solution to the empty .etch files, to no avail as yet.

I have tried making a rectangular pour, both top and bottom sides, without any change, namely strangely
empty .etc files but complete and intact .drill and .mill files.

I presume that the ulp actually runs on the local PC. Only when the project is saved does it get saved to the cloud.
Thus the generated files (.drill, .mill,.top.etch get saved to a temporary file on the local hard drive
until or unless the contents of the file is uploaded to the cloud.
The path to the files is reasonably torturous:

The fact that the .drill and .mill files are present and correct after running pcb-gcode suggests that the ulp can navigate
to the required location and create/update the files there. Is it feasible that the potentially much larger .etch files
cannot be created/updated at the location above?

Rather than dig down to the location I would like to save the generated Gcode files in the Documents/Fusion360 file or a subfolder
of it. How would I go about modifying the file path in the setup page?


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"What does the screen look like when the etch files are being created? Do you still see the progressive outlines around the tracks?"

No, the displays flickers briefly as if it's doing the calculations and a 'Pour panel' briefly shows, the panel is part of the new Fusion interface .

Now that you have me thinking about what I see I'm wondering if the 'Pour', being the rectangle of the PCB outline needs to be defined
BEFORE the ulp can generate the Gcode? In which case the Pour panel which has the choice data needs to be active BEFORE the ulp runs?


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What does the screen look like when the etch files are being created? Do you still see the progressive outlines around the tracks?

On Jul 29, 2020, at 5:23 PM, joeaverage <joe.average@...> wrote:

I have used PCB-Gcode extensively with EAGLE over a number of years but have recently decided to migrate to Fusion 360.
The electronics/PCB package is very closely related to EAGLE and I have found that it is  as easy to use after adjusting to the new interface.

With Fusion all your projects are stored on the cloud, whereas with EAGLE they are stored on your local hard-drive. While there are a number
of ulp's on the cloud pcb-gcode is not among them. It is intended (by Autodesk) that such a ulp will be stored locally.

I have loaded the pcb-gcode ulp to the Doucuments/Fusion360/ulps (on my local PC) file which is provided for use. I have been
able to run the ulp and it generates the required files but the top.etch and bot.etch files are empty despite the .drill and .mill files
being complete with comments, line numbers and compliant Gcode.

Can anyone suggest a reason that good .dill and .mill files are produced but not .etch files?


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