Re: sorry error illegal phase 0 #gcode

Art Eckstein

OK, I am at a loss like you so will start grabbing at straws.

Looking at the path to your board rang a little tinkle bell in my head so here goes.

Your path is:

Something in the back of my brain says eagle/pcb-gcode might not not like a few things I notice.
1. The entire path is rather long some 60 odd characters.  Might be a problem
2.  The path contains spaces which again might be a problem.
3. There is the ' in the path name that again might be a problem.

As I say, I am strictly guessing at possible problems and therefore would suggest copying the file to a much shorter path name without any spaces or ' in it.

For example use "C:\pcbs\shield.pcb" and try to run the ulp against that and see what happens. 

Also, I don't know as I don't run V 7.2 if there might be a comparability problem there. Maybe somebody else could jump in and say whether or not they run that version of Eagle successfuly?

Good luck and hope it gets resolved.

Country Bubba

 At 6/13/2020 11:32 AM, Kalsi_31@... wrote:
thanks for a fast reply

yes ive followed the instructions on setting., yes ive ran the setup and set it up for my  cnc., and im running pcb-gcode-

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