Re: Best version of pcbgcode ? #pcbgcode


Hi Aurelien!

I, too, searched for the "best" version of this ULP and dug through the versions you referenced above.

I found:
The original V3.6.2.4 is the standard version without any enhancements, working more or less flawlessly, but has its drawbacks.
- If you enable "spot drill" AND enable "drill holes", your router will try to mark (spot drill) your holes with full depth, ruining your board and your V-shaped bit.
  There are workarounds written, look for "Alexander Arkusha, he describes what to do against it (afterwards you get spot drills with the defined shallow depth and drilled holes which go through completely).

Your second and third references are identical.

The last reference has all known improvements applied, including a means of defining the number of passes to use to cut out the board.
Additionally it has the option implemented to carve both sides of the trench around a signal with the same cutting direction (climbing or not climbing) resulting in well done edges on both sides of the trench.

Hope that helps...

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